Our Farm

From seedlings to perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables we nurture our products to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables for you.

On our farm,
we grow from nursery, through biological pesticides to harvesting.

In our innovative packing house, we pack in all types of packaging requested. With our truck fleet, we distribute from our logistics centers in the Netherlands and Hungary to any point of sale in Europe.


We implement advanced production techniques that enable us to cultivate new varieties and to produce better crops.


Our plants are grown in our own nurseries, supervised by professionals at all times.


We create our own Insectarium to control insect pests in order to offer the markets the healthiest crops.


We make sure harvests are done at the right time and in a proper way to ensure high quality and quantity.

Total Production

2021 - 2022 (Tons)

Green Bell Pepper
Orange Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper